Is the Dream Coming to an End?


Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream where all people had a right to vote, regardless of the color of their skin. He lost his life to a racist assassin as he fought for equality for all people and especially people of color. Since his death, there have been other notables, such as the late John Lewis, who continued his fight for voter equality. Slowly, but surely, those rights, that have been passed since King’s death have been eroded by a Conservative Supreme Court and Republicans in Congress. Today King’s dream is on the verge of being destroyed.

President Biden has been trying to pass his voting rights legislation, to protect the rights of people of color and minorities to vote. Trump was defeated, as Biden was elected with massive support from the Black community. Because of the strong support of minorities for Democrats, Republican legislatures in Red states, have been passing laws severely restricting the ability for Blacks and other minorities to vote. In states, such as Texas and Georgia, districts with a predominance of Blacks have been limited to only one voting place. They have even passed laws making it a crime to offer water to anyone standing in line to vote. With these restrictive voting laws, it is highly unlikely that a Democrat can ever win an election again. And if they do the Republicans have made it possible for the Republican legislature in those states to overturn the results.

The House has passed Biden’s voting rights bill, but Senate hasn’t voted on it, and it appears that it will never pass in that chamber. With the Senate split 50-50 the bill has run up against the antiquated filibuster rule which requires a majority of 60-40 to pass legislation. The filibuster rule is only a rule formulated years ago to protect the rights of slave owners. It is not in the Constitution and can easily be changed, as it has been numerous times, including twice this year.

Even though there are 50 Democrats in the Senate, 2 of them are DINO’s acting and voting like Republicans. Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have refused to support voting rights (as well as “build back better”) professing that the bill should pass on a bipartisan agreement. They have refused to support carving out an exception to the filibuster rule to pass voting rights. Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans, naturally are dead set against this, even though McConnell carved out an exception to add 2 Trump appointees to the Supreme Court.

Biden and the real Democrats have been negotiating with Sinema and Manchin to support the change in the filibuster to no avail. Today Sinema on the Senate floor announced that she will not support a change in the filibuster, literally killing the bill. Manchin most likely will do the same. Instead of coming out and saying they are against the right to vote for all Americans, including Blacks and minorities, they are hiding behind a fake bipartisanship concern. I don’t know if there are financial concerns involved or if this is pure and simple racism.

One thing that everyone forgets, in attacking Biden for not doing enough, or Sinema and Manchin for trying to destroy Biden’s agenda, is that there are also 50 Republicans in the Senate. Isn’t it strange that not one single Republican supports the right of Black people to exercise their right to vote, without having to overcome insurmountable obstacles? Could it be that the Republican party, the party of Trump, has officially become the White Supremacist party?

We must not allow the media to convince us that Joe Biden and 48 Democrats have failed Blacks, the poor, and minorities. 50 Republican senators do not want Democrats to ever be in power again and the best way to assure this is to prevent Black people from voting. This nation cannot survive the return of Donald Trump, nor can it survive as a republic under Republican rule.