You’re Not My Ally and You Are Not My Friend!

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Now that the Supreme Court has abolished women’s reproductive rights they have signaled they are not stopping there. The extremist justices on the court, at the same time they destroyed Roe vs Wade, signaled they would “rethink” contraceptive rights and marriage equality. The ultimate moron, Sen. Ted Cruz (R), came right out and called for banning gay marriage. Needless to say, my husband and I are concerned about the future of our marriage and how long we will have the right to exist as gay Americans.

Our friends and neighbors, all tried to assuage our fears by telling us it won’t happen. Yeah, the same bullshit they said about Roe vs Wade, but look what happened. What really pisses me off is that friends, neighbors, and even relatives count themselves as LGBTQ allies, to our faces. But then when it comes time to vote, these backstabbing hypocrites, vote straight Republican. They vote for the same Republicans who have vowed to ban gay marriage and eliminate all LGBTQ rights. Since election ballots are cast in secret, they’ll just turn around and lie to our faces, saying what a shame that we lost all of our rights, but they “will always accept us”.

I don’t remember ever voting on your right to marry your spouse. There have been times when I didn’t like your choice of a spouse, but hell I didn’t try to dissolve your marriage. I also don’t remember voting on your right to apply for or hold a job, rent an apartment, buy a house, or visit your spouse if they are hospitalized. I don’t remember voting on your right to leave money or property to your spouse, or significant other. I’ve known some people who have had butt ugly or downright evil spouses, but I never did or said anything, because it’s none of my business.

Since Republicans are so against gay marriage I would like to know how my marriage has affected your marriage or your lives. Please tell me. I want to know. Don’t give me any of that “Christian” bullshit because Jesus Christ never said anything about gay people. He did say a lot about loving “thy neighbor as thyself” though. I guess He wasn’t a “Christian Republican!

Since my husband and I live in New York State our rights and our marriage is safe, as long as we live in this state. But we are not sure if we will be safe in all 50 states or if we will have federally protected rights. We live in a Red area in western New York that almost always votes Republicans, regardless of how bad or unqualified they may be. Most people still believe Trump’s Big Lie” and will always believe it. I can say with almost complete certainty that many friends we have here in our community will vote Republican, thus voting against our future. And then they lie and say how much they support us.

I’m sure that those of our friends, neighbors, and allies, will not see or read this blog post because, in reality, they don’t care about LGBTQ issues, gay marriage, or our own marriage. If you do vote against our existence as gay people, you are no longer our friend or ally. We’ll never know the truth, but you will, and you will have to live with that betrayal.


I’m Not Really Into The Fourth of July This Year!

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Usually, at this time of summer, I am eager to enthusiastically wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. But not this year. I have always been proud of being an American, especially after same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015. But no more.

When Donald Trump was elected President I was pretty leary of what he might do to the LGBTQ community and in particular my same-sex marriage. With every attack from his administration on gays, immigrants, Blacks, Muslims, and women, my paranoia grew. When I saw Conservatives, mainly Christian Conservatives, viciously attack Roe vs Wade and call for its repeal and call for the repeal of all LGBTQ rights, as well, I became increasingly alarmed. My Republican friends and many political pundits said not to worry, it will never happen. They are now legal precedents and part of our American culture and our rights as Americans. Well, guess what? They were all wrong.

Trump’s picks for SCOTUS were given a mission by the GOP, the Federalist Society, and the Christian Right. Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett are all Roman Catholics, belonging to a radical faction of that religion. All three were pushed through by McConnell, regardless of their qualifications, and accusations of sexual misconduct, on Kavanaugh’s part. They were not entirely vetted by the FBI, at the behest of the Trump administration. Their mission was to destroy Roe vs Wade, repeal same-sex marriage, ban contraceptives, and limit voting rights with a preference given to whites and Republicans.

In 10 days the Supreme Court for the first time in American history took away rights from the American people. They banned abortion and took away the rights of all American women to control their health and reproductive rights. They destroyed the time-honored tradition of Separation of Church and State, undoubtedly favoring the Christian faith. They weakened gun control laws making it easier to carry concealed weapons, thus making it easier for more of our children to be slaughtered in their classrooms. At least the children will be able to be led in prayer as they are being massacred by an AR-15! Finally, SCOTUS sided with the fossil fuel industry instead of the health and safety of future generations, in America and worldwide, by stripping the EPA and other environmental regulatory agencies of their powers.

In his majority opinion on the repeal of Roe vs Wade, Clarence Thomas made it clear that they would “revisit” the decisions on contraception and same-sex marriage. The court is now in recess until October, but there is an item on their docket that could take away our freedom to vote. That item would allow state legislatures to overturn the popular vote in the individual states. This means that if a Democrat wins the vote in a state with a Republican state legislature, the legislature could overturn the vote and award the state to the Republican candidate. If they allow this to happen our democracy is over.

If the Republicans retake the House and Senate, Biden will become the last Democrat to serve as President. Soon after the Republicans return to power, same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights will be gone, women’s rights will be further eroded, voting rights will be severely restricted, Civil rights will be curtailed, First Amendment rights will disappear, and a Christo-fascist authoritarian government will be installed.

I can hear the fireworks from our community’s Fourth of July celebration as I am writing this article. I cannot be excited as women’s rights are being taken away, and my rights are on the chopping block. I cannot be excited about being an American because, to me, this year’s celebration seems more like a deathwatch. If people don’t vote the Republican fascists out of office in November, the next July Fourth will be a funeral. A funeral for our democracy and our once cherished freedoms.

Our Democracy is on the Eve of Destruction!


In this June of sorrows, we have seen the antifreedom rogue supreme court, for the first time in our country’s history, remove rights from the American populace. In a direct and savage attack on women, they abolished Roe vs Wade and banned abortion and women’s reproductive rights and health. Three of the four Conservative Justices voting to ban abortion were all appointed by Trump and lied under oath about protecting Roe vs Wade as a matter of precedent. Roberts and Uncle Clarence Thomas also voted to ban abortion.

Thomas, in his written opinion, not only destroyed a woman’s right to manage her own healthcare and reproductive rights, but looked forward to eliminating other rights, including contraception, same-sex consensual relations, and same-sex marriage. Oddly enough there was no mention of interracial marriage, such as the one Thomas is in. This is only the beginning for the Christo-Fascist members of SCOTUS.

Shortly after downgrading women to second-class citizens, the rogue court obliterated the separation of church and state in deciding that a teacher can lead his/her students in prayer. Does this include Islamic prayers, Jewish prayers, Hindu prayers, or Buddhist prayers? And then the Court struck down a New York State open carry law that required the applicant to give a reason for needing a pistol permit. Apparently, the Court feels that prayers and guns are more important than a woman’s right to oversee her health and reproductive rights.

Banning abortion has literally divided the country into 2 different countries. Those states where abortion is legal and those where it is banned. Red states have already instituted their own draconian abortion bans that go well beyond abortion, and include banning medications given to a woman who has miscarried and banning in-vitro fertilization. Thanks to our own American Taliban, women will be forced to give birth to their brothers and sisters or will die from suffering a miscarriage. Also, millions of couples, who want to have children but can’t, will be forbidden to bear children via IVF. And then of course there will be millions of unwanted children who will suffer from abuse and neglect because their mother is unable to care for them. And of course, these dear white Republican Christians won’t lift a finger to help them.

As a gay man in a same-sex marriage, I am worried that my rights as an LGBTQ person and my marriage will be next on Uncle Clarence’s chopping block. And probably after that women’s right to vote will fall. And then slavery will be reinstated, as a white Christian nation replaces the United States of America!

A lot of people tell me not to worry because Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch said that same-sex marriage is settled precedent. Not to worry? That’s exactly what people said about the possibility of Roe vs Wade being overturned?

Looking back, I wrote a forwarning article about 4 years ago that is worth a read now,

If the Republicans regain the Senate and the House in the midterms, I’m sorry but the great American democratic experience is over. We will be living under a Christo-Fascist authoritarian government. If we don’t vote blue we are doomed.

I Don’t Think Symbolism Will Be Enough for Ukraine in the Long Run

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It’s utterly amazing how the world has united with Ukraine against the Russian invasion. I don’t think I have ever seen this amount of support from NATO, the United Nations, and people from all over the world in response to the illegal actions of a world power. The UN voted 141 to 5 in favor of condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia, of course, joined the other 4 autocratic regimes in voting against the resolution to condemn,

People in every country of the world, including Russia, have been demonstrating in huge numbers, against Russian aggression. The United States, Europe, Japan, and the West have levied economically crippling sanctions against Russia, including against Putin, himself. Many countries have forbidden Russian airlines from their air spaces, as well as denying entrance of Russian ships to their ports. The West has also frozen the assets of Russia and its corrupt oligarchs.

Ukrainians have shown the utmost courage and resolve in defending their fledgling democracy against the overwhelming power of Russia. I cannot remember such bravery in defense of one’s country in my lifetime. The last time the world had seen this courage was in defiance of Adolf Hitler. As the Ukrainians continue their resistance, Putin has intensified his attacks on the people of Ukraine, targeting civilian targets, including apartment buildings, hospitals, and even schools.

I believe we must be reminded that this has nothing to do with the Russian people. This war was started by Putin for his own personal reasons. Unfortunately all of the sanctions, won’t hurt Putin and his gang of oligarchs, but all of the Russian people. I am sure that Putin, who could possibly be the richest man in the world, has stashed away hundreds of billions of dollars, knowing that sanctions were inevitable. He does not care about how much the Russian people will suffer, or anyone else for that matter. The more sanctions that are issued the more Putin revs up his war crimes!

The West has increased the number of military arms and hardware, including stinger missiles, tanks, and aircraft, but it takes time to train the Ukrainian military in their use. And that 14-mile Russian convoy is on the outskirts of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, waiting to capture the city. The Ukrainians have managed to stall the Russian incursion into their country and capital, but sadly the worse of Russian atrocities is yet to come. How long can Ukraine put up the good fight?

This situation reminds me of a high school football game, where the home team bleachers are packed with staunch eager supporters rooting on their team against the perennial winner big-city powerhouse team. A tremendous amount of spirit, but outnumbered in strength. The hometown football team needs a miracle. And it seems that is exactly what Ukraine needs.

How will this war end? Nobody knows. There could be negotiations to call a cease-fire which could temporarily stop the killing of civilians, but this would not end the war. Putin is not the type of person to give up and retreat, ending his war. He more likely will intensify his murderous attacks on Ukraine. Ukraine and some of her allies are calling for the West to initiate a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but this would certainly lead to confrontation with Russian aircraft, which would in turn would lead to Russian attacks on the West. Military intervention would help stop the Russian advance, but would lead to disaster. I have no doubt that Putin would use nuclear weapons, either to complete his mission, or in retaliation for Western involvement in his plans.

Putin will never win the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people, when or if he does take Ukraine. He will have a protracted war that could eventually take him down, but it will take a very long time. What is best for Ukraine, Russia and the rest of the world is for the people of Russia to force regime change in Russia. Putin’s own people must take him down. As the number of deaths steadily increases for both Ukraine and Russia, this becomes the most sensible option for them and the world.

Ukrainians Know How to Fight for Their Democracy and They Put Most Americans to Shame.

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I’ve had nothing but hope and admiration for the people and President of Ukraine, since Russia’s horrific invasion of the country, for no reason other than to destroy the young democracy and fulfill Vladimir Putin’s desire to bring back the Soviet Union. Ukraine has never been a threat to Putin’s Russia, but its successful fledgling democracy and the accompanying freedoms are.

After weeks of failed diplomacy, Putin invaded Ukraine with the full might of 2/3 of the Russian military forces. But Ukrainian President Zelinsky and the Ukrainian people would have nothing to do with Putin’s attack on the peace-loving nation. The Ukrainian people, women, and children of all ages rallied behind their duly elected leader and their military to defy the Russian troops at every step of the way. Putin miscalculated the Ukrainian people’s strong will to defend their freedoms and their country. The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, was supposed to be Putin’s prize for the taking, but after 3 days the Ukrainians still hold the capital.

We have seen photos and newsreels showing Ukrainian women making Molotov cocktails and brandishing weapons in defense of their homes. We have seen old men volunteering to join the military to defend their homeland. We have also seen President Zelinsky, in full military gear ready to die for his country, along with his fellow countrymen. We have heard him refuse to be evacuated to safety, choosing to fight rather than seek his own personal protection.

I am amazed at the unity of the international community in standing up to Putin. Almost the entire airspace over Europe has been closed to Russia and the rest of the world, except for China and North Korea, have imposed economically crippling sanctions that will bring down Russia’s currency and hit Putin’s oligarch friends in their pocketbooks.

Tyler Merbler – Wikimedia Commons

And then we look at what’s happening at home. As the world rallies around Ukraine, Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress are rallying around Putin. Remember it was Donald Trump who was impeached for attempting to extort Zelensky by threatening to withhold military aid unless he fabricated lies to help Trump’s re-election campaign. From the first day of the Trump administration, Trump tried to eliminate Russian sanctions imposed on Putin for his earlier incursion into Crimea. All during his term, Trump bent over backward to weaken NATO and curry favor with Putin. Trump tried to destabilize NATO, Europe and divide the American people to pave the way for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

When I see the brave patriots of Ukraine fighting for their lives, their freedom, and their country I can’t help but think of Trump and his cult of ragtag supporters attacking the U.S. Capitol because their cult leader lost the election. I remember Trump firing up his followers saying “follow me to the Capitol” and then running back to the White House to hide ( I guess those bone spurs were acting up) and letting his supporters face the dangers in the midst of the violent attack.

Then I see his supporters attacking healthcare workers, government officials, and even school children for trying to take away their freedoms, by having to wear a piece of cloth to help protect themselves and other people from dying of COVID-19. These brave patriots are willing to attack the Capitol, but they’re too damn afraid to get a simple vaccination, to protect themselves from a severe illness. Now they want to form a convoy of trucks to disrupt the flow of food and goods to their fellow citizens, goaded on by Fox News and reprobates like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, because of non-existent mask mandates.

These pathetic excuses for Americans would drop dead of fear if they had to face the real losses of freedom that Ukrainians have been facing since the invasion. The Ukrainians stand to lose their government, their country, their homes, their businesses, and their lives. The so-called American patriots are a disgrace to America and every freedom-loving democracy in the world. They have brought shame to every veteran who put on a uniform to fight for America’s freedom far from home.

Remember the people of Ukraine in your prayers and thank God for people like them. If only all Americans valued our democracy as much as they do. They are a model to freedom-loving people all over the world.

Is Ukraine Only the First Part of Putin’s Plan?

As Putin commenced the Russian invasion of Ukraine the world was wondering why? He says it is to assure the security of Russia and to prevent the alliance of Ukraine with NATO. But we all know that Putin is not noted for his truthfulness. So what are the real reasons for Putin’s invasion? I have my own thoughts on the Russian dictator’s behavior. Remember the ancient phrase, attributed I believe, to Julius Caesar, “divide and conquer”? I believe this may be part of Putin’s long-range plan.

Putin rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel in the KGB, during the time of the Cold War and the Soviet Union’s stranglehold over those countries of eastern Europe that were swallowed into the Soviet Bloc. The KGB was notorious for its savage and brutal behavior towards anyone opposed to the Communist party’s rule, undoubtedly something Putin misses after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Since Putin entered politics he has held the positions of Prime Minister and now President, an office he can hold for life, after he maneuvered legislation to extend the numbers of times he can run for office. Amazingly throughout his political career, his opponents have somehow managed to show up dead, a result of poisoning or “suicide”. Dissent of any kind is not allowed.

One barrier to Putin’s dream of rebuilding the Soviet empire, with him at the helm, has been NATO. He is fearful that former Soviet bloc countries, like Ukraine may adopt a democratic form of government and join NATO. Ukraine has already formed a democracy but has not joined Nato. And this is Putin’s greatest fear. For Putin to make his dream become a reality, he must weaken NATO and divide the electorates of Western Europe and the United States.

He has already meddled in elections in Europe and also the United States, where he most likely installed Trump as his puppet in the 2016 election, using massive misinformation campaigns on Facebook and other social media. After being elected Trump denigrated NATO and our European allies and fought to get rid of sanctions placed on Russia for their annexation of Crimea in 2014. Trump catered to Putin and defended his every move to destabilize the European continent. The Republican Party, during and after the Trump administration, was constantly in march step behind Putin loving Trump. Luckily in the 2020 election, the American people overwhelmingly defeated Trump, despite Russia’s efforts to interfere once again. But thanks to Trump and his sycophants in the Republican Party America is sorely divided. Even as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, Republicans, Fox News, and of course Trump steadfastly support Putin, over the United States.

With Putin believing that NATO and the resolve of the European alliance were weakened, thanks to the Trump presidency and the continued Republican attack on our democracy, he ascertained that this was the right time to attack Ukraine. Luckily NATO and the European allies have so far stood together in defiance of Russian aggression. Unlike Trump, Biden has met Putin with strong condemnation and sanctions designed to hurt Putin and his team of corrupt oligarchs. Even with Republican inaction and lack of support for America during these dangerous times, Putin may realize that he has underestimated Biden, America, and Europe.

If nothing is done to confront and punish Putin there is nothing in his way to re-annex all of the former countries of the Soviet Union, regardless of their independence and democratically elected governments. What is very scary is that Putin, according to the Mirror, said “the ‘consequences” of any attempt to strike back following the country’s invasion of Ukraine would provoke a response ‘never seen in history.” Obviously, a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons.

If he is successful in taking over Ukraine, then China will be emboldened to invade Taiwan. And don’t forget Alaska was once a part of Russia! We quite possibly are on the brink of WWIII or even worldwide nuclear annihilation. This is no time for partisan politics fueled by a narcissistic, pathological liar and the anti-democratic grifters who have formed a pathetic cult worshipping his every non-sensical babblings. These are serious and dangerous times and we must return to the shared democratic values we have always been known for.

We must stand by Ukraine.

I Can’t Believe How Stupid Some People Are!

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I’m old enough to know better, but sometimes I can’t believe how stupid and gullible people can be. But it seems like every day I am reminded that stupidity is alive and well today, thanks to the Republican party.

I have an app on my phone called “Next Door” which is supposed to notify those on the app about things of interest to people who live in the neighborhood. I hadn’t checked it in a long time, but for some reason, I decided to see what was happening, or not, in my neighborhood. I saw the usual “welcome to the neighborhood” posts, ads for home services, and occasional minor incidents such as car break-ins. I then noticed a thread of posts about the varying costs of gas around town. Most were informing people where the cheapest prices could be found. Then I noticed that the village idiots had found the thread.

Yup, the dropouts from the internet school of economics were spewing their idiocy in the majority of the comments. “If Trump were still President we would be paying much less”, “Biden raised the prices to give money to illegal immigrants”, “Biden stole the election and now he’s stealing our money”, and ” Biden invented Covid to be able to raise prices”! The best comment was about how Biden won the election because the Democrats let millions of dead people vote!

These are the people who proudly hang banners from their dilapidated barns saying “Trump won and everybody knows it”. I guess the 81 million people who voted for Biden don’t count. These are the people who have made it so difficult to defeat Covid because they’re too stupid to realize wearing masks protect them and others. They’re the ones who believe the vaccines embed microchips into the recipients and more people are dying as a result of the vaccines than the disease itself. Instead, they take horse dewormers and drink their own urine!

I thought I had seen it all until Russia invaded Ukraine. Led by Fox News’ influence undoubtedly, I am seeing posts on social media supporting Russia and Putin, over the United States. They blame Biden! Most of them are not old enough to remember crouching under their school desk as practice in case of a Russian nuclear attack. Russia is not now, nor has she ever been our friend. Russia has numerous times in the past vowed to destroy us and our democracy. Yet these morons support Putin because he was Trump’s puppet master.

On an almost daily basis, we learn about how deeply involved in the January 6th insurrection Trump was. And now we have learned that Trump stole classified top secret documents and moved them to Mar a Lago. I am sure he intended to sell them for financial gain, but our village idiots don’t say a thing. Most likely because they either don’t know about it or if they did, they don’t care, because Fox doesn’t report it. It has come to light that Trump has committed numerous crimes, which could or should result in jail time. He could provide enough episodes for “Law and Order” to air for the next 30 years! Yet our village idiots remain with their heads up their collectives asses, completely aware of the real world!

Stupidity is all around us and it can be extremely dangerous to our democracy. These people vote! Remember this in November.

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What About My Freedoms?

What in Hell is Merrick Garland and His DOJ Doing While the Leaders of the Insurrection Run Free?

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It’s been 13 months since the January 6th insurrection when we came very close to losing our democracy. I, like many in this country, have been following activities of the House Jan.6th Committee investigating the attempt to overthrow the government and the continuing coverup. On an almost daily basis, we learn from the committee and the media, just how deeply Trump was involved in the planning, execution, orchestration, and coverup of the attempted coup.

We have learned of the myriad of ways Trump and his minions have committed crimes against our government and the Constitution. We have also learned that high-ranking members of Trump’s administration and even sitting members of the Senate and House of Representatives were deeply involved in the insurrection and in the continuing coverup.

We have learned about the Trump team faking documents sent to the National Archives in an attempt to certify fake Electoral College electors to falsely certify Trump as the winner in 5 swing states instead of Biden. We have recently learned that Trump had illegally removed documents, as well as furniture, from the White House and moved the items to Mar-a- Lago, in clear violation of the Presidential Records Act. We have also learned that Trump had even ripped up and burned some of the documents before they could be turned over to the National Archives.

We have seen a steady stream of low-level footsoldiers involved in the attack on the Capitol indicted, arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for their actions on January 6th. Unfortunately, some of the traitors received nothing but a slap on the wrist, but at least they were held somewhat accountable.

We have seen the Committee issue many subpoenas to high-level Trump administration officials, including White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. But we have also seen those subpoenas ignored in blatant contempt of Congress. We have only seen two of the subpoena recipients referred to the Justice Department for criminal actions. With only one of these people, Steve Bannon, arrested and scheduled for trial months into the future. It’s been 2 months since Meadows was referred to the DOJ for contempt of Congress. There has been nothing but silence from the DOJ.

We have seen Trump continue to push the “big lie” at his hate rallies and threaten violence if he is ever indicted for what he has done. He has tried to intimidate those prosecutors investigating him and has promised pardons to anyone convicted of crimes related to the insurrection, in an attempt to stop anyone on his team from testifying in front of the committee.

We have heard pundit after pundit, former DOJ officials, and prosecutors alike explain how Trump has broken the law and how much trouble he is in. We’ve been hearing this ad nauseam for months. Trump continues to spread his lies, hate, and threats with impunity.

What we haven’t heard or seen is anything from Merrick Garland! Why?

Could it be he’s being very secretive and is ready to announce numerous indictments for Trump and the rest of the organizers? Is he waiting for more evidence to cast a wider net? Is he afraid to make a decision, one way or the other, because he fears the consequences from the right or the left? Or is he just afraid of Donald Trump and doesn’t want to offend him?

In my opinion, Garland is afraid of appearing partisan. He is afraid of becoming the first AG to indict a former President. So instead of appearing to be a real patriot, he will do nothing in hopes that people will forget the whole situation and another insurrection will not take place. I hope I’m wrong, but I have seen nothing to convince me otherwise. I have lost complete confidence in Garland. Please AG Garland, prove me wrong!

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Would You Ever Consider Voting Republican? Hell No!

Back in November, I met someone who was running for the town board where I live. He was actually campaigning, as a Republican, for a seat on the board. I must point out that the town, where I live, is a heavily Republican town outside of staunchly Democratic Rochester, New York. I politely told the man that I was a Democrat and would not support him. He asked me if I would consider voting Republican in the local election. Instead of just saying no, I went ahead and explained my position.

I told him that I grew up in a family where both of my parents were Democrats and my father worked in a factory and belonged to a union. Because my father belonged to a union, we weren’t wealthy but we never wanted for anything. I had severe asthma when I was younger and was frequently admitted to the hospital, or receiving treatment at home from my pediatrician (that was back in the days when doctors made house calls). All of this was covered by insurance that the union fought for and Republicans fought against.

I then told him I was gay and I was married to my husband, who is from Malaysia and now a U.S. citizen. I told him that ever since I realized I was I can remember how hard the Republican party fought to deny gays basic human rights, including the right to marry the one they loved. I went on to tell them that I had to move to Malaysia to be with my partner because Republicans would allow him to join me in this country. I told him that Republicans, for years, had prevented gays from visiting their partners if they were hospitalized, because there was no recognized familial relationship.

I reminded him how the Republican icon, Ronald Reagan, ignored the Aids Epidemic, while tens of thousands of gays died because the epidemic had not yet hit the straight white population. Reagan also eliminated the Community Mental Health Systems Act, which Carter and the Democrats, had introduced to fund community mental health centers. Today we are still paying for his deliberate negligence with the epidemic of gun violence and domestic abuse.

I told him that now I am older and retired I am living in fear. The Republicans are still trying to destroy my marriage with their attempts to repeal same-sex marriage and as well as legalizing discrimination against the LGBTQ community as well as people of color. I am living in fear that the right to vote will be taken away from my friends and fellow countrymen who happen to be non-white.

As with all senior citizens in this country, I am afraid of getting sick. With the Republicans being owned by big pharma, all but the very rich among us can afford their prescription medication. We are all one sickness away from being financially destroyed. If we were living in any other industrialized nation in Europe, North America, or Asia we would not have to worry about healthcare. I have worked all of my life to be able to retire, but now life has become a gamble. Will I stay healthy and enjoy my life or will I get sick and lose everything I have worked for?

To make matters worse, as I continued my lecture to the Republican hopeful, the money I have worked for and contributed to Social Security now can be taxed if I have invested wisely. Once again thanks to Ronald Reagan, who in 1983 passed a law allowing the IRS to tax social security benefits on 85% of benefits instead of the previous 50%. And don’t forget Reagan cut the corporate tax rate from 70% to 50% and Trump lowered them even more. So who makes up for the loss in revenue? The poor and middle class, of course! In all of my 73 years in this country, nothing from the numerous tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations ever trickled down to me.

In 2016 the Republican party gave me Donald Trump as president (with a little help from Russia). During those 4 years, I saw immigrants, people of color, gay people, scientists, Mexicans, and all foreigners, except for the white ones, demonized. I saw the decades-old relationships with our closest allies destroyed. I saw the poor and the handicapped ridiculed, while vicious inhumane dictators were catered to. I saw good decent women defiled. I saw the country divided, as never before. And then finally I saw him attempt a coup to overthrow the new duly elected President to remain in power. And not once did I hear any sitting Republican town board member speak out against Trump’s atrocities!

So Mr. Republican town board wannabe, “Hell No! I wouldn’t vote for any member of a party that vows to destroy me, my marriage or my democracy”!

From the candidate, just an insincere “Thank you”.

Still today I look back on that conversation and wonder, with all that is going on with the revelations of the Trump insurrection, how anyone could vote Republican. If they get their own way we may never have another election in this country.

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Is Our Country Going in the Wrong Direction? And Why?


Lately, it seems that the latest sport of the media, Fox News as well as the mainstream media, to impress upon their viewers the idea that the Democrats are in big trouble coming into this year’s midterm elections. The reason, they say, is that the majority of people in the country believe the country is going in the wrong direction. One of the polls media sites is an NBC poll from January 23 which states that 72% of Americana believe the country is going downhill. This is just what the media loves. So what the hell does the “wrong direction” mean?

Well, for people like Fox News and even “past her prime” Andrea Mitchell the reasons are Biden’s low approval ratings and inflation. According to her and others, inflation includes gas prices and s shortage of consumer goods. Guess what Andrea? A pandemic affects not only the US, but every single country in the entire world is suffering from inflation. And Biden isn’t President of all of those countries! It’s the pandemic stupid!

The pandemic has disrupted the worldwide supply chain and shortage of labor, caused by Covid deaths and illnesses. The United States relies heavily on goods and services from other countries of the world. People have forgotten the rule of “supply and demand”. Now that the demand is high and the supply is low, manufacturers raise prices. Biden or Congress doesn’t. It is interesting to note that according to Forbes American billionaires have become $1.8 trillion richer during the pandemic. According to Jeff Bezos became $95 billion richer as Americans flocked to Amazon during the pandemic.

Yes, prices have gone up, but we forget that in many cases salaries have increased, thanks to the increase in the minimum wage in many areas, giving Americans more money in their weekly paychecks. American families also received a great deal of financial help from Biden’s child tax credit to the tune of about $3000 per family. Unfortunately, the Republicans didn’t like struggling poor families receiving help for their families so they voted against extending the tax credit beyond this year. We also must not forget the two stimulus packages of $1400 each per person were given to the American people to help with the financial burdens caused by the pandemic. We also must not forget that the Republicans voted against any kind of economic relief to be given to the American people. They voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill that will provide millions of jobs throughout the country. Oddly enough the Republicans are bragging they delivered millions to their constituents, even though they voted against the bill.

As far as the belief that some in this country are blaming Biden for the increased divisiveness in the country I find that mind-boggling. It wasn’t Biden who attempted a coup to overthrow the newly elected President. It wasn’t Biden that publicly incited the attack on the Congress on January 6th. It wasn’t the Democrats who lied about the 2021 vote and then continued to push the “Big Lie” even after all the accusations of fraud have been disproved. It wasn’t the Democrats who opposed any kind of investigation of the insurrection. It’s not the Democrats who have ignored subpoenas and refused to testify in front of the January 6 Committee.

The more and more information of sedition and collusion surrounding the insurrection comes out we can see that it wasn’t Biden, nor the Democrats that have been attempting to destroy our democracy. Yes, we are in serious danger of losing our democracy, but it can’t be put on Biden. Trump and the GOP put ultra Conservatives on the Supreme Court to eventually destroy women’s reproductive rights, which could happen any day now. And this will only be the tip of the iceberg. Same-sex marriage will surely be the next right on the chopping block. Since the election, every state controlled by the Republicans has passed draconian laws severely limiting voter rights, especially for Blacks and other minorities.

The mains stream media doesn’t want to talk about how things have gotten a little better since Trump was voted out of office. It’s almost as if they would prefer the chaos of Trump and his criminal associates, to raise their ratings. It’s doubtful that the media doesn’t realize that if Trump returns to office, it will be for good, and among his first targets will be the media. There will be no such thing as “freedom of the press”.

Maybe with the start of televised hearings of the January 6th Committee, the American people will see how very close we came to losing our democracy and who’s to blame. I invite you to read my post “Will The Televised Jan. 6th Committee Hearings Make a Difference?”.