Why Do You Hate Me? Do You Really Know Why?


Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay

I know you hate me, even though you don’t know me or never met me.

I can tell, by what you say, what you write, how you act, and even by who you vote for. You seem to find joy in hating me and others like me. I don’t know why.

My skin might be a different color, black, brown, red, or yellow. Is that why you hate me?

I may not have been born in this country or my parents may have come from abroad. Is that why you hate me?

I might love someone of the same sex or be married to someone of the same sex. Is that why you hate me?

My family might be poor or homeless. Is that why you hate me?

I might have a different religion than you, even though we pray to the same God. Is that why you hate me?

I might not be as healthy or as smart as you and I might be handicapped. Is that why you hate me?

I may be of different sex or I may even be transgendered. Is that why you hate me?

I may not think or believe as you do. Is that why you hate me?

Please tell me because I don’t understand. I’ve never done anything to you or your family, yet you still hate me.

My same-sex marriage doesn’t affect you or your marriage, yet you try to destroy my marriage.

Your relatives, either present or past came from another part of the world, yet you don’t want me, because I too come from somewhere else.

You go to church on Sundays to hear the teachings of a man who preached love, acceptance, and caring for the poor and less fortunate, yet every other day of the week you espouse hatred and violence towards your neighbors.

You say you have faith in this poor carpenter, yet you bow down to the almighty dollar. Instead, you have converted to the religion of money and choose to ignore the poor in your quest for wealth.

You have read the Bible and say you live by it, yet you pick and choose what passages to live by and even reinterpret those passages to justify your hatred and bigotry.

The more I know you I am convinced that you don’t hate me for who “I” am. I think you hate me for who “You” are.

You don’t hate me. You’re afraid of me. You’re afraid of becoming a racial minority. You’re afraid of me because you don’t understand me, but you don’t want to learn about me. You hate me because I make you feel uncomfortable being with people who are different from you. You hate me because you are afraid to compete with me. You hate me because you are unsure of your sexual identity and intellectual abilities. You are so insecure you feel the only way to raise yourself up is by putting other people down.

I don’t feel bad or depressed because you hate me. I feel sad for you. You are so insecure and so fearful that you are unable to better yourself by expanding your horizons, and by getting to know me and others like me. I feel sorry for you.

I originally published this in “The Partners Pen” on Medium, but I am republishing it here as I feel it is more important today than ever before, with the almost daily mass shootings where the only motives have been pure hate, spread by today’s Republican Party.


Sure, There is Inflation, But How Stupid Can You Get?

For you people who think inflation only occurs in the United States, the above chart may help you understand that inflation is a worldwide phenomenon. As you can see Russia has a 17.8% inflation rate. Now Biden is not the head of Russia, Putin, the idol of Trump-loving Republicans, is. Brazil, another country under the rule of a Trump-loving authoritarian leader, has 12.5%. Biden is not Brazil’s leader. The UK, under a Conservative government, has a 9.0% rate of inflation. Once again Biden is not the leader of the UK. So as you read the chart you can see that inflation is a worldwide problem, not just an American problem or a Biden problem.

C-SPAN Screen of the final vote on the Inflation Reduction Act

Now for all of you people voting for the Republicans because you feel they will do more to lower inflation, the above screenshot shows the final vote of the Inflation Reduction Act. For those who don’t know how this bill helps Americans, here is a summary of what it does for families:

Allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices

Capping annual out of pocket costs for Medicare recipients at $2,000, saving them thousands of dollars a year

Capping insulin costs for seniors at $35/month

Penalizing drug companies for unfairly hiking prices

Investing in forest resiliency to prevent catastrophic wildfires

Supporting small forest landowners to improve forest health

Funding climate-smart agriculture programs

Boosting clean energy manufacturing in the U.S.

Creating credits for new and used electric vehicles

Investing in a reliable 21st Century electric grid

Providing home energy efficiency rebates

Reducing air pollution by providing funding to ports to reduce emissions, and cracking down on oil and gas companies that have significant methane leakage

This bill was passed by the Democrats to help American families. As you can plainly see, every damn Republican voted against it. They voted against you. Yet you are going to vote for them to continue to vote against you? Are you that frigging stupid?

You still have time to vote in your best interests. VOTE BLUE!

Once Again America Turns to the Youth of Our Country to Defend Our Democracy.

Picryl – Imperial War Museums

Eighty years ago the youth of America, your grandparents, and great aunts and uncles, rallied to defend our democracy from the evils of fascism, racism, and hatred, in Europe and in Asia. Many returned, broken and maimed and many never returned. They fought and died to defend the freedoms and rights that we all enjoy today.

Today those rights and freedoms that our relatives fought and died to preserve, are once again severely threatened. Already women’s right to make decisions on their health has been taken away by an extremist right-wing court, whose majority of Conservative justices were installed by Donald Trump, a wannabee dictator. Voting rights, earned in the past 50 years are slowly being stripped away. As we speak this same Supreme Court is planning on abolishing affirmative action which will virtually destroy the ability for minorities to be able to compete on a level playing field with whites. The Voting Rights Acts of 1965 is slowly being dismantled, limiting or abolishing the right to vote for Blacks and other minorities. The right to marry the one you love will soon be destroyed, as promised by Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Hard-fought LGBTQ rights earned in the past 50 years will soon be just a memory.

The foundation of our American democracy, the right to vote, has become the target of the new Trump Republican Party. Many election-denying Republican candidates have openly stated that they would not accept the results of the midterm elections if they lost. According to the Republican Party, the only elections that count are the ones they win. Just like elections in Russia, China, and Iran.

This upcoming midterm election could possibly be the last real election that we may participate in. If the Republicans regain control of Congress, it’s all over. It’s all over for women, seniors, immigrants, Black, the LGBTQ community, and the middle class. Once again our country, our democracy, needs the nation’s youth to come to our rescue. We need you to vote. Your relatives fought and died for over 4 years in WW II to save our democracy. We need only that you take the time to vote to save our democracy. Youth of America, PLEASE VOTE!