Is Our Country Going in the Wrong Direction? And Why?


Lately, it seems that the latest sport of the media, Fox News as well as the mainstream media, to impress upon their viewers the idea that the Democrats are in big trouble coming into this year’s midterm elections. The reason, they say, is that the majority of people in the country believe the country is going in the wrong direction. One of the polls media sites is an NBC poll from January 23 which states that 72% of Americana believe the country is going downhill. This is just what the media loves. So what the hell does the “wrong direction” mean?

Well, for people like Fox News and even “past her prime” Andrea Mitchell the reasons are Biden’s low approval ratings and inflation. According to her and others, inflation includes gas prices and s shortage of consumer goods. Guess what Andrea? A pandemic affects not only the US, but every single country in the entire world is suffering from inflation. And Biden isn’t President of all of those countries! It’s the pandemic stupid!

The pandemic has disrupted the worldwide supply chain and shortage of labor, caused by Covid deaths and illnesses. The United States relies heavily on goods and services from other countries of the world. People have forgotten the rule of “supply and demand”. Now that the demand is high and the supply is low, manufacturers raise prices. Biden or Congress doesn’t. It is interesting to note that according to Forbes American billionaires have become $1.8 trillion richer during the pandemic. According to Jeff Bezos became $95 billion richer as Americans flocked to Amazon during the pandemic.

Yes, prices have gone up, but we forget that in many cases salaries have increased, thanks to the increase in the minimum wage in many areas, giving Americans more money in their weekly paychecks. American families also received a great deal of financial help from Biden’s child tax credit to the tune of about $3000 per family. Unfortunately, the Republicans didn’t like struggling poor families receiving help for their families so they voted against extending the tax credit beyond this year. We also must not forget the two stimulus packages of $1400 each per person were given to the American people to help with the financial burdens caused by the pandemic. We also must not forget that the Republicans voted against any kind of economic relief to be given to the American people. They voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill that will provide millions of jobs throughout the country. Oddly enough the Republicans are bragging they delivered millions to their constituents, even though they voted against the bill.

As far as the belief that some in this country are blaming Biden for the increased divisiveness in the country I find that mind-boggling. It wasn’t Biden who attempted a coup to overthrow the newly elected President. It wasn’t Biden that publicly incited the attack on the Congress on January 6th. It wasn’t the Democrats who lied about the 2021 vote and then continued to push the “Big Lie” even after all the accusations of fraud have been disproved. It wasn’t the Democrats who opposed any kind of investigation of the insurrection. It’s not the Democrats who have ignored subpoenas and refused to testify in front of the January 6 Committee.

The more and more information of sedition and collusion surrounding the insurrection comes out we can see that it wasn’t Biden, nor the Democrats that have been attempting to destroy our democracy. Yes, we are in serious danger of losing our democracy, but it can’t be put on Biden. Trump and the GOP put ultra Conservatives on the Supreme Court to eventually destroy women’s reproductive rights, which could happen any day now. And this will only be the tip of the iceberg. Same-sex marriage will surely be the next right on the chopping block. Since the election, every state controlled by the Republicans has passed draconian laws severely limiting voter rights, especially for Blacks and other minorities.

The mains stream media doesn’t want to talk about how things have gotten a little better since Trump was voted out of office. It’s almost as if they would prefer the chaos of Trump and his criminal associates, to raise their ratings. It’s doubtful that the media doesn’t realize that if Trump returns to office, it will be for good, and among his first targets will be the media. There will be no such thing as “freedom of the press”.

Maybe with the start of televised hearings of the January 6th Committee, the American people will see how very close we came to losing our democracy and who’s to blame. I invite you to read my post “Will The Televised Jan. 6th Committee Hearings Make a Difference?”.