We Must Stand Up for our Democracy!

Wikimedia Commons

I am posting this letter written by my friend and fellow patriotic Democrat, Bill Fine. Please read it. He speaks the truth.

Letter to Readers: After Senators were unable to pass legislation to protect voting and our democracy, it is obvious that working to preserve our democracy is not going to be easy. One of the main obstacles is the persistent mis-information spewed out from right wing media. Is it possible to push back against this mis-information; I don’t know. But if we don’t try, if we give up without trying then we will lose; our democracy will lose. It is a daunting task, they have a massive network and a surprising number of individuals who are willing to spread mis-information. This is our democracy and if we want to keep it we will have to get to work. Think about what is at stake. First the Democrat’s agenda, such as reducing child poverty, reducing household poverty, providing health care and pushing legislation to minimize climate change. Yes, you can argue that not enough is being done in any of these areas but turning over the government to the GOP is like burning the house, leaving everyone homeless, because you don’t like the kitchen. Second, there will be no accountability for the insurrection or other illegalities if some rich donors pay the GOP. There is also the GOP assault on science and knowledge. The last Republican President pushed ultraviolet light as a cure for Covid. No member of the GOP pushed back instead they made excuses. Your silence is acquiescent to this behavior. There are 163 members of “Letters to the Editor Group” just one tenth of this group could have a major impact. A letter in the Lockport Journal, (1/7/22), wrote about the loss of confidence in our elections. He wrote: “a significant portion of the electorate has lost trust in our elections” and went on to give his opinion on how to restore faith in our elections. Opinion polls I have seen confirm his opinion on the lost of trust in our elections. But his reason for that loss of trust is wrong. He blames it on loosened requirements and less security in the election. Yet independent unbiased nonpartisan studies by Universities and Colleges, by independent organizations like the Pew Center and the Brennan Center and investigative journalist by most major news organizations in major cities all demonstrated that the election was secure. People believe the election was not secure because they were told, without evidence, that it was not secure. This is why we need letter writers to push back against the mis-information. Another letter in the Batavia Daily News, (1/15/22), complained that Democrats’ major concern was passing out food and water at polling places, failing to acknowledge voting suppression and the loss of impartially administrated elections. The writer added: “I have no problem with shoveling federal money at more voting machines or whatever it takes, for districts where voters have long waits.” Obviously, this writer is not informed about issues involved in the voting legislation. Right wing media is prevalent in our area. This is why we need letter writers to provide fact-based information. This is our democracy if we want to keep it. Please join in writing letters to the papers. Don’t silently acquiescence. Thanks Bill Fine