Steveso Thinks has Changed


It’s time for a few changes for Steveso Thinks. First of all, you may notice that the name of my blog has changed to Stevesovie Thinks and the domain name has also changed to The biggest change is that my blog has moved from Google’s Blogger to

I have used Blogger since I first started Steveso Thinks in 2011, but have had nothing but trouble with Google. I originally monetized the site using Google AdSense, but after a few months, my account was canceled because one of my followers made too many clicks on the ads. I appealed the case but was denied in a matter of hours. Ten years later I again attempted to repeal the decision in hopes of regaining my AdSense account. Within an hour my appeal was denied!

I also began to have difficulties in writing my posts on the Blogger site. At times it seemed that the Blogger editor had a mind of its own. As time went on, making changes to my site became more and more difficult as I had to go from one Google app to another Google app. Since my site was 10 years old some of the Google apps that were in existence at the time are no longer used. And Google support is next to useless, as you rarely are able to talk with a live person.

After much thought, I decided to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It was during this process that I realized how screwed up Google is. I was not allowed to transfer my domain because Google had sold the domain to a 3rd party where it was made private. And Google never notified me of that change. In essence, my domain could not be found

I hope I will have better luck with WordPress. Stevesovie Thinks will also be published on under the same name, for my Medium readers. I hope you will continue to follow me on my new home.