Steve Says, Happy New Year


I would like to wish everyone, who happens upon my humble little blog, a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, and Free New Year. Let’s set our New Year resolutions to include ending the pandemic, ensuring that every American citizen keeps their right to vote, and ensuring our democracy survives the current traitorous attacks from the Trump world and all those who vow to destroy our Republic.

Let make 2022 an American New Year, with love and caring for each and every one of us.


Steveso Thinks has Changed


It’s time for a few changes for Steveso Thinks. First of all, you may notice that the name of my blog has changed to Stevesovie Thinks and the domain name has also changed to The biggest change is that my blog has moved from Google’s Blogger to

I have used Blogger since I first started Steveso Thinks in 2011, but have had nothing but trouble with Google. I originally monetized the site using Google AdSense, but after a few months, my account was canceled because one of my followers made too many clicks on the ads. I appealed the case but was denied in a matter of hours. Ten years later I again attempted to repeal the decision in hopes of regaining my AdSense account. Within an hour my appeal was denied!

I also began to have difficulties in writing my posts on the Blogger site. At times it seemed that the Blogger editor had a mind of its own. As time went on, making changes to my site became more and more difficult as I had to go from one Google app to another Google app. Since my site was 10 years old some of the Google apps that were in existence at the time are no longer used. And Google support is next to useless, as you rarely are able to talk with a live person.

After much thought, I decided to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It was during this process that I realized how screwed up Google is. I was not allowed to transfer my domain because Google had sold the domain to a 3rd party where it was made private. And Google never notified me of that change. In essence, my domain could not be found

I hope I will have better luck with WordPress. Stevesovie Thinks will also be published on under the same name, for my Medium readers. I hope you will continue to follow me on my new home.

I Think Our Democracy is on the Eve of Destruction





I’m not a person who looks at life through rose-colored glasses, and I don’t consider myself to be an extreme pessimist. I guess I would call myself a realist. But I can’t join the chorus of revelers espousing hope for normalcy and happier times after the defeat of Donald Trump.

Many of my fellow citizens breathed sighs of relief after both the election and the January 6th insurrection. On January 8 I published a story here on Medium called “Don’t Think for a Moment the Insurrection is Over” expressing my views of the election. It didn’t get much traction, either because no one was interested or no one cared. It’s been 11 months since I wrote that and I’m more worried than ever.

During this time the FBI has been arresting and prosecuting the foot soldiers of the insurrection. You know, little people like us. Most of those already prosecuted have received pathetically light sentences for their part in the violent attempt to overthrow the government.

Meanwhile, the bi-partisan January 6th Commission empowered to investigate the insurrection is slowly peeling back the layers of the organization of the attempted coup. So far numerous subpoenas have been issued, but only two referrals to the Justice Department for Contempt of Congress have been made. Only one person, Steve Bannon, has been arrested and his trial date has been set for 7 months from now. Trump’s closest allies who have been subpoenaed have refused to cooperate and have used the very judicial system they tried to bring down to stall the proceedings.

Unlike the Watergate investigation, which many of us remember viewing on prime time television, we are receiving small bits of information via the internet or if we’re lucky, news channels, except, of course, Fox News. In the past few days, we have learned that many members of Congress and also Fox News celebrities have been involved, in the organization or coverup. All Republican members of the House have continued to spread the “big lie” and defend their fellow Representatives who were involved in the coup. Not all of those members of Congress who took part in the insurrection of January 6h have been publicly identified, as yet.

At the same time, the shit show of Trump suing everyone to prevent the release of his tax returns and to prevent the National Archives from turning over the records surrounding the insurrection continues. As each court denies his case his lawyers appeal to a higher court until the decision is left up to SCOTUS. In other words, Trump is trying to run out the clock, in hopes of a midterm Democrat loss of the House of Representatives. Typical Trump legal strategy he has used his entire pathetic life.

As far as the Department of Justice is concerned we have heard little from them. Attorney General Merrick Garland has been conspicuously silent on anything concerning Donald Trump’s actions and the insurrection in general. He either does not believe Trump can be held accountable for his illegal actions or he is afraid to piss off Trump and his followers.

The MSM does not appear to show an interest in what the investigation is uncovering, even though it is becoming more obvious that Trump was personally involved in obstruction of congress, a felony. Instead, they are focused on blaming Biden for the Republicans not supporting his legislation to improve the lives of middle-class Americans. You and me. Every single Republican has voted against any type of relief for American families. They are denying relief for Americans in need and trying to take away their right to vote.

Instead of the media reporting what the Biden administration has actually done for Americans they are predicting the Democrats will lose the House and the Senate in the midterms. Historically the party in control of the White House loses control of either the House or Senate of both. The media would like nothing better than this to happen because it would help improve their ratings, or so they hope.

The reality of the current political situation is starting to stare me in the face. This is what keeps me up at night. In 2022 Republicans gain control of Congress. The January 6th investigation comes to an end under the Republicans. In 2024 Trump or another GOP traitor is elected. In 2025 blanket pardons are issued for all of Trump’s minions previously convicted. Bam! The Coup is complete!

I hope I’m wrong!


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