Warning! MAGA hats are not PPEs!

While New York and California are battling an uphill battle against the coronavirus, led by Governors Cuomo and Newsom, both Democrats, Red state governors are sitting by with their thumbs stuck up their asses and lips firmly planted on Trump’s ass. They are following the lead of their fat bastard leader and rejecting sound medical advice from specialists like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who know what the hell they’re doing.
As the virus was attacking New York City, Chicago, California and Washington state, and other states that happened to be Blue states, those governors ordered stay at home or shelter-in-place rules to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Red state governors, like the asshole in Florida, Gov. DeSantis, welcomed spring break revelers to the beaches of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other beach resorts. Republican government officials in Kansas scoffed at preparing for the pandemic saying “we don’t have many Chinese people in Kansas”. Hey if Trump said the threat would be over in a few days, what’s the worry?
As Trump ignored warnings about the coronavirus, for fear of it hurting his re-election efforts and his financial holdings, the virus gained a stronghold in New York City and Washington state. For over two months Trump and his cohorts in the administration lied about the seriousness of the virus and downplayed the dangers to the American public. He placed the most incompetent and unqualified people in positions of organizing and directing the government’s response to this deadly disease. The only task he gave them was to kiss his ass at every opportunity and to praise his woefully inadequate handling of this crisis during the daily press briefings.
Now that both the number of cases and the deaths are increasing at an alarming rate, a few of the deplorable Republican governors are starting to wake up. Those who took joy in seeing Gov. Cuomo beg for life-saving supplies now realize that Covid-19 does not discriminate between Republican and Democratic states. Because they put all of their faith in a greedy con-man, who has little use for science and truth, they soon will be overwhelmed by the virus. Their cult-like devotion to Trump will cost the lives of hundreds or thousands of their constituents. But many, still stay silent.
We are finding out that Trump sent millions of dollars worth of supplies, that could have been used here, to China and Thailand. Trump has refused to use the powers of his office to enact the Defense Production Act to force industries to manufacture the supplies and equipment so desperately needed by those on the front lines of this fight. He has refused to recommend a nationwide stay at home order for every state as he arrogantly believes it will not spread from the hot spots to other areas of the country. As the virus ravages states such as New York and California, Trump denies much-needed supplies to them, instead, sending them to states that as yet have not been affected simply because they voted for him.
Yesterday at his campaign rally/Covid-19 update it was announced that 200,000 masks were being sent to New York City. Good news? No. they are being sent to private contractors who will auction them off to the highest bidders, American or foreign! Yesterday Trump’s son in law, Kushner said “our” strategic stockpile of supplies did not belong to the states and that they should get their own supplies. Today we learned that Kushner has directed that millions of dollars of supplies be sent to the states, but only the ones whose governors spoke with Trump. Whatever happened to the “United” States of America?
Today, on NBC, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “I don’t understand why all states are not under stay-at-home orders”. Only 39 states thus far have issued such orders, while the rest are in denial waiting for the big orange turd to tell them what to do. Not having a nationwide shutdown, as someone anonymously said, “is like having a peeing only section of a public swimming pool”! There are too many Trump supporters, especially in Red states or in rural pockets all over the country who have been brainwashed by Trump and Fox News to believe there is no threat to them. They go on with life, as usual, laughing at the rest of the country, believing Trump will keep them safe.
This pisses me off because they are not only risking their own lives but the lives of everyone in this country. They think they’re immune to the disease and probably Trump is too. I’ve got news for you. You’re not immune and neither is Trump. (He might be though since as far as I know the virus only affects humans.). Trump supporters, of all people, should be scared shitless because they are most likely to be the ones who don’t have health insurance or the money to pay their medical bills. They don’t realize that Trump doesn’t give a shit about them and the Republicans in Congress will not adequately take care of their needs.
If the Trump administration doesn’t admit failure and hand over the response to the experts, instead of his toadies and family members he won’t have to worry about his re-election. There won’t be enough live Trump supporters left to vote for him.

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