Mainstream Media, You're Doing It Again! Stop airing Trump's mini rallies!

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When Trump ran for president in 2016 most people thought he was a joke, including the mainstream media who saw his campaign as a way to boost their ratings. Every time Trump as much as farted the media were there to cover it. Every word, every action, every appearance was covered, at the expense of the rest of the candidates of both parties. All of this free media coverage of a supposed billionaire, who could well worth afford to pay for it. Every time you turned your TV on there was Donald Trump. His opponents in the Republican primary were summarily ignored, as well as was Clinton, in the general election. They were complicit in allowing Trump and the GOP to demonize Clinton with all matters of lies and conspiracy theories. Shockingly Trump won the electoral college vote, while Clinton won the popular vote. Thanks in part to the MSM we now have a narcissistic, racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, amoral, incompetent, and dangerous bully as a president!
Up until recently, the MSM has refrained from reporting Trump’s obnoxious and oftentimes illegal actions. They have referred to his incessant daily lying as him offering mistruths or misinformation. His staff even coined a new word for his lies, calling them alternative truths. All the while Trump viciously attacked the press and individual reporters for reporting something that he viewed as unflattering to him, the media did little or nothing. I must note here that I am not referring to Fox News as being a part of the MSM, as it is merely the propaganda arm of the Trump regime and does not cover any factual news regarding Dear Leader.
Now that we are amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the media has slithered back into their pre-election coverage of Trump. Whether it is fear of Trump or plain stupidity they are allowing him free reign of their news coverage. Since Trump’s election, he has not stopped performing at his MAGA rallies, holding them regularly, to stoke up his moronic followers and wallowing in their cultlike adoration. That is until a few weeks ago. Because of the coronavirus, large gatherings have been canceled or forbidden to stop the spread of the disease. These actions have taken away Trump’s only source of Trump’s much-needed validation. At his rallies, he can behave as racist and disgusting as he wants, attacking minorities, immigrants, the handicapped, non-Christians and anyone who doesn’t dote on every Adderal infected word he mutters. He has no shame and his followers aren’t intelligent enough to care.
Not one to be discouraged by a national public health concern, Trump has found a way to rally his deplorable supporters, without holding a public mass rally. Instead, he is holding daily press briefings on the status of the government’s response to the pandemic. He is not addressing the American people with these briefings. He is addressing his supporters by injecting racism into his remarks and calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus. Instead of being presidential and a real man he is blaming Obama, the Democrats and anyone else who doesn’t profess their undying loyalty to him. When he was asked to speak to those people who were afraid of getting sick and dying he attacked the reporter for asking a “nasty” question. He rambles on and on giving false hope and false information, openly disagreeing and contradicting medical experts standing on the podium with him. He is even touting unproven medicines with dangerous side effects a possible cures, just to make himself look like a hero.
Daily he stands, shoulder to shoulder, with his team instead of maintaining a safe social distance, carrying on with a reality type of shit show for his supporters. He shows no concern for those who are suffering from the virus or the families of those who have died from it. Instead, he lies about how many tests are available and how masks and ventilators are being delivered to the hotspots. Perhaps more annoying than his lying is how each member of his administration has to preface their remarks about telling how grateful they are that Trump is doing a tremendous job in meeting this crisis. He never mentions the first responders, the nurses, the truckers or the little people dealing with this crisis.
After the mandatory ass-kissing, the members of his team, except for Dr. Fauci, go on to repeat his useless information. At times Dr. Fauci has stepped up to contradict Trump with the medical facts on the spread of the virus, much to Trump’s dismay. Mysteriously Dr. Fauci has disappeared from the latest briefings. No doubt Trump will fire him soon, for telling the truth to the American people.
Only a couple of weeks ago Trump called the pandemic a hoax orchestrated by the Democrats to hurt him. Naturally, Fox News and the GOP went along with his paranoic lies and conspiracy theories. He was afraid that if the number of cases rose, the economy would tank, along with his re-election chances. He was and still is more concerned with the economy and his businesses along with those of his millionaire friends than the health of the American people. He reluctantly went along with shutting down businesses to slow the spread of the disease, but as of today, he says he wants people to go back to work. He lyingly stated that more people will die from suicide due to the economy than will die from the virus.
Usually, Trump will attack the press, the Democrats in Congress and the governors who have criticized his handling of the health emergency. He attacks his opponents personally and complains about how much money he has lost while serving as president. ( So why doesn’t he quit?) Recently when he was informed that Mitt Romney had tested positive for the virus, he smirked and said, “that’s too bad”. He is incapable of showing any empathy, in comparison to New York Governor Cuomo in his daily briefings, for which he is receiving national bipartisan praise for his leadership.
With each one of his unhinged diatribes masquerading as Covid-19 briefings, the major news networks have aired them without any concurrent fact-checking. This activity has drawn strong criticism on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. For the first time today, his self indulging appearance was only broadcast on Fox News as a virtual town hall meeting. This is where he announced that he will most likely disregard the advice of medical experts and have people go back to work, by April 12, Easter. He announced that he wanted the churches filled on Easter Sunday! Trump’s death wish for the American people!
Hopefully, today was not a one-time event with the major news agencies not airing his mini rallies. The mainstream media must step up to protect the American people from the dangerous deranged psychopath’s attack on the truth and the health of our nation. Fox News will certainly not step up to the plate to help save lives, but eventually, after the number of deaths skyrocket, they may do their humane duty. Don’t hold your breath though. They will defend Trump to our deaths.
We had our chance only a few months ago to remove this inept excuse for a human through his impeachment, but the cowardly, fearful and greedy GOP reneged on their oaths of office and refused to remove him. For the health and safety of each and every one of us, Trump must somehow be removed from office. Either through another immediate and speedy impeachment, the use of Article 25 or his institutionalization to a psychiatric facility. This article from Yale University is very interesting and addresses this issue.
We’re only just at the beginning of this pandemic in this country and we have a long and treacherous way to go. We need advice and guidance from medical experts and others involved in infectious diseases if we are to have any hope. We need the truth. We need information that is not watered down to meet the narcissistic needs of the moron in the White House. We must be able to trust and count on our news media to save our lives and our country.

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