Knew He Was a Disaster, But you enabled him anyway

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Like most people in this country, I’m aware of Covid-19 and have been following the government’s reaction to it. Unlike many people, I have not panicked or started hoarding toilet paper. Sometimes though I think I should start to panic and prepare for the worst.
I am a member of the high-risk population as I am 72 and suffer from both asthma and COPD. I cannot help but remember how much I suffered from the flu almost one year ago today. I was hospitalized then and I thought that was going to be the end. I fear that if I get the coronavirus I will not survive. With those thoughts still fresh in my mind I admit that I have a healthy fear of this pandemic. But it’s more than fear. My fear is accompanied by shame and downright anger!
The world has known about this virus since December, but because of the coverup of the Chinese Communist government, nothing was done, until the virus had taken hold in the population. The United States was aware of Covid-19 and how dangerous it had become in mid-January but did nothing. Our government had its own coverup. The stable genius in the White House dismantled the team of experts whose task it was to address epidemics such as this one, solely because of his jealousy and hatred of President Obama.
As the virus spread to Europe and Asia, China moved into high gear to address the epidemic. When South Korea was hit hard by the virus they acted quickly to test those exposed to the virus and protect their citizens. South Korea and Germany developed their own Covid-19 tests and offered them to the United States, but our CDC arrogantly refused them and instead chose to develop or own tests. This action put the United States way behind the rest of the world in dealing with the virus. The United States, which once was at the forefront of worldwide disease prevention and control was now lagging behind third world countries, all because of a childish, narcissistic moron who is incapable of carrying out the duties of his office. What a frigging shame!
As the virus was introduced into our country, instead of meeting the public health threat head-on, Trump and his ignorant sycophants, led by FOX news called the virus a hoax manufactured by the Democrats to hurt Trump. Time and time again Trump downplayed the dangers of the virus, worrying more about how the stock market losses would affect his businesses and his reelection chances, over the health of the American people. Every statement he made in January and February and even now in regards to the virus and its danger to the American people has been a lie. And still, The Republicans do nothing except bury their heads in the sand.
As Italy has literally shut down in hopes of containing the virus in the face of increasing numbers of cases and deaths, Trump has done nothing, but brag about how “perfect” his response to the virus has been. South Korea has managed to test approximately 210,000 people since testing began while the United States has managed to test a little over 8,000 people. South Korea is showing what a competent reaction to the health crisis should be, while the President of the United States is golfing and blaming others for his incompetence.
As the Republicans continued to call Covid-19 a hoax and downplay its dangers to the American public, members of Congress have themselves been exposed to the virus while attending CPAC, a mecca for conservatives. While the average American cannot receive a Covid-19 test, because of the unavailability of tests, these special friends of Trump have easily and quickly been tested. It is now known that Trump, himself, has had exposure to the virus from his contact with these people, as well as from his meeting with a representative of the Brazilian government. As of this writing, Trump has not been tested and refuses to be tested. I guess the captain wants to go down with the ship.
My anger and hopelessness came to a head with Trump’s address to the nation last night regarding his plan to manage the virus. His plan includes giving the virus a nationality. It is now officially a “foreign virus”. He also formulated a travel ban, barring people from flying into the US from Europe, except for the UK and Ireland. The asshole doesn’t realize that people can fly from anywhere in Europe to the UK or Ireland then fly to the US! It is also interesting that the two countries excluded from this ban are those countries housing Trump’s failing golf resorts! Any question where his sympathies lie?
His speech to the nation did not address testing at all. There was no acknowledgment of the shortage of tests and if and when mass testing will become available. He did say that his administration is working on a plan to deal with the financial implications of the pandemic, but no mention of anything concrete. His statements regarding an economic stimulus plan were directed towards business and shoring up the stock market, instead of assisting those families having to deal with the illness and the hardships suffered by the uninsured or underinsured, those without sick leave, those without childcare and those living from paycheck to paycheck. In other words, he showed no concern for the health and welfare of the average American.
Since his speech, it has become apparent that this country is in serious trouble and people like me are in very serious trouble. From time to time during the average day, my breathing becomes difficult. I dealt with it as always, but now I can’t help but think “is this it?”. Could this be the beginning of the end? Even though I live in a county with only one positive case of coronavirus, so far, I can’t help but be concerned. I know there are many people in my situation and there are many more in extremely serious conditions throughout the country. I know there are scientists, doctors, technicians and healthcare workers working 24/7 to bring this pandemic under control. At the same time though I see Trump put my fate and the fate of our citizenry in the hands of Jared Kushner, who has absolutely no qualifications to do anything. It’s now up to Kushner to decide whether or not a public health state of emergency should be declared!
As I listen to the reports that the NBA and MLB have canceled or delayed their seasons, and colleges and universities have closed campuses and initiated online classes I can see the lives of Americans changing. I know my life will begin to change, as the virus will become more prevalent and hits closer to my community. At the same time, I see these changes I see that the Republicans are not changing. I see that the Democratic House of Representatives has unveiled a plan to help workers cope with the financial effects of not being able to work due to being infected by the virus. The plan includes paid sick leave for those who have none. I also see that the Republicans are vehemently opposed to the plan. Nothing here has changed.
There have been many comments made regarding politicizing the coronavirus threat, mostly from Trump supporters, but that’s a lot of bullshit. When it comes to my life and the lives of my family and my friends I am going to place the majority of the blame for the coronavirus threat not being handled competently and in a timely fashion squarely where it belongs. On Donald J. Trump and the Republican party! As Trump’s presidency rolled out we all could see how much of a racist he was. We all could see how corrupt he was. We all could see how vindictive and narcissistic he was. We could all see how incompetent he was. We also could see how much of a liar he was. We all knew, deep down, that Trump would destroy our country, one way or the other.
We had one chance to stop this destruction, with his impeachment and removal from office. But Republicans failed their party, their oaths of office and their country. They were terrified to vote against him for fear of being the targets of his vile vindictive retaliatory tweets. Or they were willing participants in his rape of the American taxpayer, or they too were beholding to Putin. The GOP is remarkably standing with him in the face of disaster. Before this pandemic is over there will be economic pandemonium and worse, many lives lost. If nothing is done the GOP will forever bear the responsibility of this apocalypse.
It’s time for Congress to get rid of Trump. Utilize the 25th Amendment or impeach him as soon as possible before he can cause more damage and more deaths. We can’t afford to wait for the election. We need a credible and competent government now!
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