Dreaming of an old fashioned Christmas.

Over my 70 years on this planet I have had quite a number of Christmas ornaments and decorations, either in my parent’s homes or in my many homes all over the world. Three years ago I fell in love with a musical figurine of a small church in an old fashioned village (pictured above) and I just had to buy it. Ever since then it has become my favorite and every year I can’t wait to unwrap it, set it up in a place of honor and turn the lights and music on. It plays about six different Christmas carols, sounding like a delicate music box.
I dream of a simpler time many years ago…
It’s hard to explain the feelings I experience whenever I sit in front of it and gaze at the lights coming from the windows, as I image hearing the voices of the young carolers singing along with the music. I sort of escape into the past, years ago, even before my time. I dream of a simpler time many years ago where I am walking the snow covered paths of this small village and stop to admire the nativity scene at the church which I probably would have attended. I dream that I am young, like the youths gathered at the entrance of the church next to Christmas tree. For a while I forget my problems, my aches and pains and the stress of this holiday season and enjoy the moment.
…I probably wouldn’t have fit in…
As soon as the mini dream comes to me, it quickly disappears into the reality of the present. I smile to myself and think it would have been nice, but I probably wouldn’t have fit in back then! It was nice to dream because after all Christmas is all about dreaming.

May all of your Christmas dreams come true, at least for a little while!