Whose Lives are More Important?


Photo courtesy Hurlburt Field

    Yesterday Trump met with the survivors and their parents of the Parkland, Fl. school shooting in a listening and sharing session.  There were also parents of victims of previous school shootings, such as Columbine and Sandy Hook.  It was an extremely emotional meeting and it was very difficult to watch some of the news coverage.  Trump listened attentively and even had a handwritten script on how to act and what to say to those suffering.

    One very strange and hypocritical fact I realized from this meeting was that the students and their parents were very heavily vetted and background checked in order to attend the meeting! Why? Did the White House not want anyone who did not support Trump to say something that would upset him? Or was this only to ensure his safety?

   If it was to ensure his safety isn’t it odd that these people were subject to more strict vetting than the person who purchased an AR-15 assault rifle and murdered their friends, family and fellow classmates?  I guess that goes to show us whose lives the White House values!