Thoughts and Prayers Again!

RIP Victims of Parkland High School


    Once again another mass shooting has occurred in the US, this time in Florida.  I’ve written a number of posts on this blog (Another American Mass Shooting! Why?) about school shootings and each time I ponder over whether I want to write a post or not, because it doesn’t make a difference.  But after 17 people, students and teachers, were murdered by a deranged former student with an assault weapon in a high school in Florida, I was nauseated to the point of tears. I couldn’t watch the coverage on TV without tearing up.  It took me a few hours to muster the courage to watch even a little of the coverage.  My emotions ranged from sadness and sympathy to shock and anger.  Immediately I heard the same bullshit, “thoughts and prayers” coming from our lawmakers, especially Republicans.  Evidently thoughts and prayers don’t work, as this is the 18th school shooting in the past 46 days of this year! Certainly these victims and their families need our prayers, but evidently Republicans in Congress and the governor of Florida need NRA money more!

    Using the Second Amendment to justify the need for guns is complete crap.  When the Second Amendment was written it referred to guns that could fire one round every one or two minutes, not one a second. It also referred to “a well regulated militia”.  Well guns are not well regulated and a bunch of gun nuts running around is not a militia,  The sad truth is that the majority of gun owners are responsible sane citizens.  Who the hell needs an AR-15 for hunting or personal protection?  The only reason a person may need one is to kill people. A lot of people!

   The 19 year old suspect in custody is not the only one responsible for this massacre.  The President, Senators, Congressmen and governors who block sensible gun control measures along with the NRA are responsible.  There have been 400 deaths dues to school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012.  There have been over 200 school shootings since Sandy Hook.  Congress has done nothing! In the rest of the world there have been 18 shootings in the past 20 years!  The difference is that countries in the rest of the world have done something to stop the killing of their citizens!

    Why have our politicians done nothing? The answer is simple? Money! According to “Politifact” the NRA spends over $200 million in campaign contributions and lobbying to support gun friendly politicians! I guess purchased votes work better than prayers! It is more important for the NRA and the numerous politicians who are dependent upon them  to support the gun manufacturers  than to protect our children!  In the war on terrorism one of the most effective ways to stop the killing is to cut off the funds to the countries sponsoring terrorism.  And that’s the only way we’re going to stop the killing of our children.  We must cut off the NRA funding of our government.  That will be next to impossible, so if we can’t cut off the funding we have to cut off the politicians.  Vote them all out to save our kids!  There is no reason why our children should risk their lives for an education!!!!