Don't Rain On My Parade

Trump Heroes

Trump wishes it was this big

Trump’s Idol

    Glorious leader Donald Trump, a well know coward and draft dodger with 5 deferrals, for bone spurs has decided to play soldier and asked the Pentagon to give him a military parade, with tanks, missiles and plenty of marching soldiers.  The only time this country has had a military parade in the style Trump has asked for was to honor our military after WWI and WWII.  But now Cadet Bonespurs wants a military parade to honor him!

    Not only is this ridiculously insane, it is extremely expensive.   Play soldier boy Trump has just submitted a budget cutting Public Television and radio, as well as Medicare and food stamp programs, but he wants to spend millions of dollars for a parade so he can be like his idols, Putin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler. There should be outrage at even the mention of a parade to satisfy his ego, but the Republicans are staying silent as usual. This request isn’t coming from their 5 year old grandchildren. It’s coming from the President! 

    We are the most powerful country in the word, with the most powerful military.  We do not need to show off or military might, for the sake of anyone, much less an arrogant, senile, old narcissist.  These types of parades are for authoritarian despots such as Trump’s idols mentioned above.  With Trump never criticizing Putin or other like dictators and attacking our CIA and FBI, it should be obvious that this parade is just one more piece of evidence that Trump and the GOP want to destroy our democracy.  So let’s rain on his parade and deny him his fantasy!