A Lie is a Lie!


      It seems as though since Trump took office everything I was taught by my parents is being questioned and given new meanings.  Morality has been completely redefined thanks to Trump and the morons who support him.

    When I was a child and told a lie I got punished for it. It was a lie. Not an untruth. Not an alternative fact or anything else.  So when Trump lies, which he does so frequently, why in hell can’t the media call him a liar and what he says lies instead of fallacies or untruths?

    Today, with Trump’s lawyers saying he probably will not be interviewed by Mueller because he has trouble “exaggerating or talking too much” and Congressional Republicans agreeing with everything Trump says it has become an accepted fact that Trump cannot tell the truth.  It has become normal for the President of the United States to lie to the American people and it is perfectly okay!  What a great role model for our children!