Another American Mass Shooting! Why?




     Once again America suffers from another mass shooting.  This time in Las Vegas, where 59 people were murdered and over 515 people were injured by an older white male terrorist using a machine gun or automatic weapon.  That’s right a “terrorist”.  The White House and the media call him a mentally ill person!  If he were a Muslim or anyone else other than a white guy he definitely would be called a terrorist.  I guess that’s what we call “white privilege”,

    Once again all the politicians in Congress call for prayers!  Bullshit!  We don’t need prayers.  We have been praying for years after each and every one of these shootings!  And they still happen!  You can pray for the souls of the dead and the recovery of victims but prayers don’t work for prevention!  Congress has to get off their collective asses and put the well being of every American over their millions of dollars in NRA contributions!  Click here for a link that shows how much the NRA contributes to members of Congress!

    After each of our too frequent mass shootings Congress always says “it’s too early to discuss gun control”.  When is a good time Congressmen?  Right now there is a bill in Congress to ease the control of gun silencers and to reduce restrictions on “armor piercing bullets”, which would be a boon to the gun industry.   This would be great!  Future shooters could shoot more people silently and also be able to kill first responders too! After the shooting the GOP put the bill on hold! I guess it would interrupt their praying. 

    Sensible people are calling on Trump to enact more effective gun control laws.  That will never happen!  His base is the NRA!  According to the Washington Post, former White House Advisor Steve Bannon said “if Trump changes gun control positions it’s the end of everything”.  NRA money IS more important than American lives!

    Opponents of gun control always blame mental illness for gun violence, which is in some ways partially true.  But why did Congress and Trump repeal Obama’s block on gun sales for some mentally ill people?  If mental illness is truly the cause of America’s epidemic of mass shootings then why does America have more mentally ill people than every other country in the world?  It is odd that the GOP says that the shooter in Las Vegas has a right to own assault rifles, but the over 515 people injured DO NOT have a right to affordable healthcare!

    These shootings will continue to happen in this country, with the blessing of Congress, praying while their hands are covered in the blood of shooting victims and their wallets are stuffed with NRA money. Unless we the people take a stand against the NRA and their bought and paid for Congress and vote them all out of office!