Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill is just Another Attack on the American People!


    The latest attempt buy the Republicans to take away healthcare form the American people is the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill.  The Republicans are trying to ram it through before September 30, the deadline they they themselves set.  This would repeal Obamacare and force approximately 18 million people off the healthcare rolls.  It would eliminate insurance for pre-existing conditions, eliminate maternity coverage and eliminate the lifetime bans on the amount of lifetime benefits.  It would also raise premiums for most people.

    This plan would drastically cut the amount of money paid to the states through medicaid which assists lower income people.  It is interesting to note that the states that would be hit the hardest are Blue states, such as California and New York!  This his money in return would be given to states, such as Texas and Alabama, which are Red states! Sound like a reward for those states who voted for Trump.  All of the national patient and health groups, such as the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association etc. are vehemently opposed to this bill.

    Of course the Republicans are not listening to these groups or the American people, but instead are paying more attention to the Koch brothers, who have said that if the Republicans do not pass a repeal of Obamacare they will cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the Republicans!

    Why don’t the Republicans like Obamacare? There are three reasons. (1) It was a Democratic plan, (2) it helps the women and poorer members of our society, while fairly taxing the rich and most importantly (3) it was created by a Black president!!!!!