The New Trump Tax Cut!


    Well yesterday Trump announced the new GOP tax plan, which he stated was a big tax cut for the middle class.  Yes, it is definitely a tax cut, but for the wealthy!  Sure the personal deductions may be double and the child care credit will double, but most of the individual deductions will be eliminated!  These include deductions for state and local taxes.  The truth is that the tax rate for middle class earners will actually go up.  Business taxes will go down from 34% to 20%!  And the estate tax, which applies to those who would inherit more than $5.3 million, will be completely eliminated! 
The deficit would increase by about $5 trillion!

    Trump also said that this plan will being back jobs to the US.  Does this mean that his and Ivanka’s businesses will now produce their products in the US instead of China?  More on this as the plan develops.


Dotard! How Appropriate!


   North Korean madman, Kim Jong -Un, yesterday called American madman, Donald Trump, a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard”, which sent most Americans scurrying to find out what it means.
Basically it means a senile old fool! A quite accurate description, I must say!  It’s a shame that the leader of North Korea has a better English vocabulary than Trump!

Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill is just Another Attack on the American People!


    The latest attempt buy the Republicans to take away healthcare form the American people is the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill.  The Republicans are trying to ram it through before September 30, the deadline they they themselves set.  This would repeal Obamacare and force approximately 18 million people off the healthcare rolls.  It would eliminate insurance for pre-existing conditions, eliminate maternity coverage and eliminate the lifetime bans on the amount of lifetime benefits.  It would also raise premiums for most people.

    This plan would drastically cut the amount of money paid to the states through medicaid which assists lower income people.  It is interesting to note that the states that would be hit the hardest are Blue states, such as California and New York!  This his money in return would be given to states, such as Texas and Alabama, which are Red states! Sound like a reward for those states who voted for Trump.  All of the national patient and health groups, such as the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association etc. are vehemently opposed to this bill.

    Of course the Republicans are not listening to these groups or the American people, but instead are paying more attention to the Koch brothers, who have said that if the Republicans do not pass a repeal of Obamacare they will cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the Republicans!

    Why don’t the Republicans like Obamacare? There are three reasons. (1) It was a Democratic plan, (2) it helps the women and poorer members of our society, while fairly taxing the rich and most importantly (3) it was created by a Black president!!!!!

Trump Attacks Chilhood Immigrants and Destroys DACA

    Without an intelligent thought in his head the heartless and racist POTUS attacked millions of people who were brought to this country as children by destroying DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)!  Without thinking of the millions of families that would be destroyed, the huge negative affect on the economy and the future suffering of those people who would be sent back to a country they do not know, Trump ended DACA.  The sniveling coward didn’t have the balls to make the announcement himself,  so he sent out the country’s preeminent racist and repulsive rodent Jeff Sessions to gleefully make the announcement!
    Sessions argues that these “DREAMers” took jobs away from Americans and that this country is a country of laws.  This coming from a KKK sympathizer who committed perjury by lying to Congress.  I’m sure that nothing pleased this vermin more than deporting millions of people who have too much melanin in their skin!  

    It’s disgusting to hear Trump supporters saying that these DREAMers have taken away college spots from real Americans who wanted to go to college.  They mean whites who were too damn stupid to meet the admissions requirements or who were too lazy to even try apply for college!  Remember that a large majority of Trump’s supporters are not college educated and actually think that a college education is bad for America!  It really boils down to the fact that a large number of these dreamers do not have white skin!

    These DREAMers combined have to pay millions to retain their status and must not be convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor.  They cannot receive welfare or any other governmnet assistance.  91% of these DREAMers are employed and pay billions of dollars in taxes.  This is probably a lot more taxes than Trump’s low life supporters pay!  Many States will see a drain of billions of dollars from their coffers if DACA is ended!  The crime statistics among DREAMers is lower that the general population.  According to the Cato Institute DREAMers are less likely to be incarcerated than native born Americans with the same age and education!
    I’m sure Trump paid absolutely no attention to the effects that ending DACA would have on the economy or the on lives of those individuals and families. His main concern was that DACA was created by Obama! What a pathetic little man Trump is!

Drain the Swamp?

    One of the sayings from Trump’s campaign that ihs ignorant supporters were thrilled about and still reach orgasm over when hearing it is “Drain the Swamp”.  He criticized Hillary Clinton for giving “paid” speeches to Goldman Sachs, but turned around and named a senior executive of Goldman Sachs as Secretary of the Treasury. He named the CEO of Exxon to be the Secretary of State.  Trump’s cabinet members have a net worth of over $13 billion!  He has named Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education, even though she is totally unqualified and detests the public school system, favoring “Christian schools”!  He has named a well know bigot and racist to be Attorney General. He has named many people who have absolutely no qualifications or experience, other than wanting to destroy the very departments they head. All of his cabinet members want to destroy the government regulations on the environment and business, that prevent them from making as much money as they possibly can!

    It is funny that the poor fools that supported and voted for Trump will be the ones who will suffer the most under Trump’s billionaire cabinet. Unfortunately they are not smart enough now to realize that, as their environment and health are being attacked and they lose their healthcare!  Indeed Trump has drained the swamp, but created a cesspool!