The GOP Goes Nuclear!



    Today Mitch McConnell, the most corrupt, most divisive, and most hypocritical Senate Majority leader of modern times pushed through the nuclear option to have Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, seated on the Supreme Court.  This means that the GOP has changed the rules for approving a Supreme Court nominee from a consensus vote of 60 to a mere majority of 51. This means Gorsuch will be sworn in without a consensus opinion of the Senate, and thus the American people.

    Invoking the nuclear option and okaying Gorsuch forever changes the Senate and perhaps the Supreme Court. He is a far right conservative, who may destroy the advances in civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights and the environment, that we have all fought for over the years.  He definitely favors corporations over individual people, the wealthy over the poor and middle class and the extreme religious right over all else!  

    McConnel, for sure is gloating over his perceived victory, forgetting the atrocious behavior he exhibited in denying Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, because it was Obama’s last year in office.  What this miscreant does not realize is that the GOP will not be in power forever! As early as 2018 the Democrats could regain control of the Senate and even the House of Representatives.  This could and most likely will come back to bite him in the ass.  

    Not only was his action to invoke the nuclear option extremely partisan and dirty politics, but it should never have happened at a worse time.  McConnell denied Garland a hearing as it was during Obama’s last year in office, a partisan and ridiculous rule fabricated by the old goat. This is Trump’s first year in office, but it could be his last. This nominee should never  be voted on because Trump is actively under criminal investigation by the FBI, for possibly treason!  The  vote should be delayed until after the FBI and Congressional investigations into Trump’s ties with the Russian involvement in his election.  These investigations may discover that more people than Trump and his campaign staff and cabinet members were involved, but even possibly members of Congress and even Gorsuch himself.  It seems as if McConnell is pushing this through in hopes of covering his and other GOP leaders’ asses!