American Coal Miners Can Go Back to Work, Unitl They and the Rest of Us Die from Pollution.


Wikimedia Commons


    Today Trump rolled back regulations on coal mining and the amount of pollution coal burning facilities can release into the environment, thus fulfilling his promise to coal miners to bring back their jobs. These actions have squarely put America back into the 19th century!  I feel sorry for coal miners who have been out of work because of a lack of jobs, but let’s face reality, coal mining and coal powered energy plants are a thing of the past.  Burning coal is a filthy destructive process that is being abandoned by the rest of the world.  There is no way to make coal burning cleaner.  Coal miners, traditionally have gone right into the coal mines as soon as they were able to quit school. They have historically lacked the education or the skills to do anything else other than mining coal.  It may sound cruel, but it is their own fault for not preparing for the demise of the coal industry.  Because of their inability to adapt to the changing workforce, coal miners are forced into doing a job that will eventually kill them.  When regulations that were enforced during Obama’s years, are rolled back, owners of coal companies will no longer have to pay attention to the health and safety of their workers. 

    Trump’s supporters, will no doubt hail him as the savior of their jobs and the coal mining industry, but in reality they are the losers.  He cares nothing about them, their health or their jobs.  All of this deregulation benefits not the coal miners, but the owners of big businesses, who are now free to spew as much pollution into the environment as they wish,  in order to create even larger profits.  What  is even worse, is that once these coal miners begin to suffer from the health hazards of their industry, the Republicans will have succeeded in taking away their healthcare! When they die Trump will shed no tears!