Trumpcare Findings Announced by the CBO!

Wikimedia Commons

Well the Congressional Budget Office just came out with the figures on the Republicans proposed healthcare plan, Trumpcare.  According to the CBO an estimated 24 million more people will love healthcare by 2016! Those numbers will not come from the wealthy, but the poor and middle class. The deficit would be cut by $333 billion, which undoubtedly go for the construction of Trump’s useless ‘Wall”. Healthcare premiums are projected to rise 15% to 20% for single policy holders. Larger tax credits would be given to wealthier people, whose incomes are 400% of the federal poverty line! Those who will suffer the most will be older working people and younger people.  Of course the Republicans made sure that the CEOs of the health insurance companies will be given $400 million in tax credits. Think of all the iPhones they can buy! 
When every single developed country in the world offers its citizens universal healthcare the Republican assure that only the wealthy can afford healthcare and the rest of us be damned. They say that under this new plan we will be given more options. But what good are more options if we can’t afford any of them? I have the option to buy a Ferrari, but there is no way in hell I can afford one! I can barely afford my Ford Focus! Why don’t the Republicans want poor and middle class American to have healthcare and why do so many morons vote against their own best interests in continually electing the same people like Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

Thanks Politico for these statistics!