Should We Be Afraid?

It’s now been a week since Trump took office and his rhetoric continues to divide Americans, rather making any attempt to unite us. He has slapped gag orders on the departments of the US government, attacked the media for fact checking and spreading “fake news” and threatened those cities where was soundly defeated in the popular vote.  During his campaign we learned just how much of a vindictive person he was, attacking a Gold Star parent, a disabled reporter and various women who have accused him of sexual assault. Now he is President.

The day after his inauguration millions of people worldwide protested his presidency, yet he acted as if it never happened. He continued to live in his alternate universe of denial of reality and attacking all who may disagree with him. Thousand and thousands of people on social media such as Twitter and Facebook express their extreme displeasure with him. Mainstream media is finally summoning up the courage to call him on his lies and conspiracy theories. As this is the end of his first week in office I have to wonder. As their seems to be an attempt at stifling the press and free speech, will Trump’s attention now be drawn to ferreting out all of those on social media who posted negative comments about him and then exacting his revenge! Remember what his colleague Richard Branson said in his blog post “Donald Trump told me he wanted “to spend the rest of his life” getting revenge”!  The Republican Congress seems to be unwilling and unable to protect American citizens from a potential authoritarian regime at this time. Do we have reason to be concerned?
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