Another Supplement to Melt the Fat Away

Last year I wrote a post called “I’ve Joined the Raspberry Ketone Craze”, which described the big diet fad that was fueled by Dr. Oz’s recommendation on his TV show. In that article, I explained that I joined that fad and purchased raspberry ketones and did not lose an ounce. Well, a few months ago the same neighbor who called my attention to Dr. Oz and raspberry ketones came to me about Dr. Oz’s latest weight loss miracle, Green Coffee Bean Extract. I must say that she believes every word that Dr. Oz says. Being quite skeptical after trying raspberry ketones I spent some time researching green coffee bean extract and what Dr. Oz had to say about it.

I ordered exactly what Dr. Oz recommended, 50% chlorogenic acid with no fillers and 400 mg. I took these a half hour before meals and continued my routine of exercise and eating habits. I followed this regimen for 13 weeks. And guess what? Absolutely nothing happened. I did not lose an ounce and in fact, I gained weight!

I must say that I really did not expect to lose any weight, as I believe there is no quick way to melt away the fat, other than eating less and exercising more. What I did wonder about is what Dr. Oz. gets out of promoting these “weight loss wonders”. I am sure I am not the only lazy idiot out there who forks over big bucks to lose weight effortlessly, just on the word of Dr. Oz. I must point out that I do not watch his show, but many people I know hang on his every word. If you look at the many brands of green coffee extract, you will see the words, “recommended by Dr. Oz”, so someone is making a lot of money from people who listen to these health gurus.

As I have said before and all nutritionists and physical fitness experts have said a million times over and over, don’t look for a miracle pill to lose weight. Use exercise, proper nutrition, and common sense to lose weight.